Why Wendy Williams is Mad at Kevin Hunter



Wendy Williams Divorce…Wendy Williams is marching on together with her divorce from her dishonest husband, Kevin Hunter, but it is not all that rosy.

A source recently spoke to Hollywood Life and said it is a tough time for the communicate show host due to the fact she is below a variety of stress.

The insider stated there is lots of anxiety as she works with her attorneys to iron out the details.


The man or woman said: Wendy’s legal team was running on her divorce and doing their high-quality try to get matters finalised final week but in the end did not.

Her divorce has careworn Wendy out, and it’s taking a toll on her mood, for sure. She’s often harassed on days she can’t handle.


The circle of relatives friend added: You can tell the difference among while she’s managing it daily and now not as she will move from exceptional spirits and loving lifestyles to struggling at the drop of a hat.

She is so excited to forget at the back of her and start the subsequent bankruptcy of her existence.

Meanwhile, Hunter is indignant that his soon-to-be ex-spouse is continuaunter revealed: “Kevin’s furious, he claims that Wendy promised him that their divorce would no longer grow to be a hot subject matter on her display.

No one seems to have sympathy for him though, what did he expect, she’s a public person and an outspoken woman. And this is probably just the beginning, she subsequently woke up to the truth, and she’s mad as hell.


Kevin is anxious approximately of what Wendy will  say next on her display, to the factor wherein he wants to try to block her from talking about him.

She did not use his name, though, so what can he do? He made this bed, and now he has to lie in it.” The individual stated: There are several girls with no respect for marriage.

Do you already know what I am saying? Many women who realise your  guy is married and could have the nerve to be right up below him and proper up below your nose.

It’s quiet pathetic. Some are wondering if the method will go on for some time or if Williams will supply into Hunters demands.

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