TEKASHI 6IX9INE Mama Argues with the Judge, saying 6ix9ine HAS A GOOD HEART


The relatives of 6ix9ine are willing to fight for him, trying to convince the judge that he is more than a great snitch, but also a misunderstood child, benevolent and charitable, worthy of a much shorter prison term.

The rapper’s mother, brother, girlfriend and bodyguard, along with nearly 30 other people submitted letters to Judge Paul Engelmayer asking him to be lenient in his sentencing next week.

In his letter, 6ix9ine Mom, Natividad Perez-Hernandez, says that his boy is humble and is a good person, and not the guy he described as being in the media.

Natividad describes Tekashi – sorry, Daniel Hernandez – a gentle and God-fearing boy, and even says that his favorite biblical passage is Psalm 121 (“The Lord will keep you from all evil”). She also said that he was a very athletic kid, so much so a baseball scout wanted to sign it!

Mom added, “Danny” takes care of all her family – including her, her brother and her daughter.

She calls confinement as an “injustice” because the whole family needs him for financial and emotional support … especially 6 year old Saraiyah who “loves him”.

Bodyguard Sam Sprouse calls Tekashi “one of the most talented, surprisingly humble, and seemingly most misunderstood children” he has ever known.

He also suggests that his former boss just ended up with the bad crowd and that he is far from being a gangster.

Sam promises the judge that he will personally take Tekashi under his wing to ensure that the rapper is gonna be surrounded by good influences and always stays on the path of Redemption.

Tekashi’s boyfriend, Jade and his older brother also offer him letters attesting to his good will and the positive impact he has on his loved ones.

As we pointed out, 6ix9ine has already submitted his letter of apology to Judge Engelmayer, expressing his regrets and his optimistic plan for the future – if he had the opportunity.

Wednesday is Scheduled for Tekashi’s sentencing

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