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South Africans slam Nomfundo Radebe for faking her kidnapping.

Influencer Nomfundo Radebe being drag by South Africans after she was allegedly accused of faking her own kidnapping.

The trending hashtag #NOMFEEZUS is based on an influencer who is allegedly faking her own kidnapping.

Nomfundo Radebe who is the influencer took to Twitter and asked for help from South Africans to help her locate a man named Andrews. As normal, South Africans were concerned for her.

It recently came to light that Andrew was a close friend of hers. Many South Africans were pissed and started dragging her on all social media networks.

This made Nomfundo Radebego back and delete the number he said of the man which was supposed to be her Kidnapper.

She went on to justify her actions and why she decided to delete the man’s number.

Tweeps then replied to her saying all the long she was just faking her kidnapping and made them trying to assist her.

She wrote:

I was just clearing the mans name and explaining why I posted his number. As for the incident that happened to me, it did happen.

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