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(PHOTOS) Amanda du-Pont mourns the death of her dog “Dior” and calls Bryanston Veterinary Hospital a Fraud hospital

Amanda du-Pont mourns her dog named “Dior”

The Entrepreneur and Founder of Lelive Africa shared a post yesterday on her Instagram handle where she was mourning the death of her dog.

The star is a very big fan of dogs and yesterday was sad news for her as she lost one of her long companions.

She shared that after taking her to Bryanston Veterinary Hospital to be examined she lost her and doctors did not give her any tangible explanation on how she died.

She then criticized the Bryanston Veterinary Hospital and told South Africans not to take the hospital seriously and they were a fraud.

She wrote and as a caption,

RIP to my baby Dior💔We lost her last night😭 I am broken and have been crying all night. She had back pain two days ago and we took her to Bryanston Veterinary Hospital to be examined. If you love your pets PLEASE DO NOT take them there you will lose them with no solid explanation or communication. All they say is that she could have had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, but they aren’t sure.😡 She was the purest soul, tap dancing and picking up a toy in her mouth every time I walk in the door. Slept by my feet always! Loved to be carried like a baby and was no stranger to the soft life. We don’t deserve the love and joy dogs bring into our lives. She loved anyone and everyone. RIP my baby Dior – Like Pop Smoke, you left us on a high like a legend! Last year was very tough, I lost my gran and my pup-I’m hurting 💔

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