Pearl Modiadie Leaves Social Media Users Drolling With Her Sweet Photos

Pearl Modiadie has taken over the South African social media space with her sweet photos.

It could be prudent to say that she has left people drolling and wanting for more photos with these sweet photos.

She shared these nice and awesome photos on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

She shared these photos with the lovely caption;

“…yes I’m Lewatle’s mom, you are…? 😌”

In another post, she shared more photos of herself and added the caption;


“…yes 🤍”

The popular media personality was in the news some days ago as she lamented about the current weather in South Africa.

According to her, the weather is very hot and taking to her Twitter handle, she said she has already taken in about 2.4 litres of water and still she is feeling very thirsty.

Her post reads;

“2.4Litres of water down and my body still needs more. This heat is intense!”

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