Juice Wrld Charged Unlikely For 70 Pounds of Weed


Do not rely on Someone to be charged with the 70 pounds of weeds found in Juice WRLD’s private jet and confiscated by federal authorities as law enforcement sources say it will be almost impossible to determine to whom belonged the massive hiding place in the first place.

Sources of law enforcement said that no one in the Juice WRLD crew claimed ownership of the multiple vacuum sealed bags of weeds inside the private jet’s luggage.

There was also no label on the several suitcases identifying the owner.

Our sources say that the cops search the bags and bags of weeds for DNA and fingerprints. But even if there is a success for fingerprints and  DNA, our sources say there is no way to prove that people have packed the grass and  have the suitcases.

We are told that Chicago PD is currently in possession of the suitcases and grass seized by the FBI during the Juice WRLD bust last weekend.

Then again, our federal law enforcement sources tell us that they have referred the matter to local law enforcement because, in their words, it is essentially a “no-case” and it is very unlikely to result in anything.

source: Tmz.com

Two men from Juice’s crew – Chris Long and Henry Dean – have been the only arrested so far after the bust at Chicago Midway Airport, although Long and Dean have been transported for weapons possession of fist.

As it was not the first time that Juice WRLD’s private jet was searched, although details remain unclear as to why his private jet was searched at LAX in November.

Also, law enforcement sources have refuted allegations by friends of WRLD that he was the victim of racial profiling when they searched his plane in Midway.

The rapper was arrested in 2018 at LaGuardia airport after the TSA discovered grass and bottles of codeine.

During her bust at Midway Airport, Juice allegedly swallowed a bunch of Percocet pills in an attempt to hide them from federal authorities. He eventually suffered seizures, which proved to be fatal.

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