His new photo has brought about speculations, allegation, and individual interpretations among netizens of both his fans and adversaries.

Stonebwoy is said to release a new tune coming up dubbed 1GAD, and his choice for the cover art for the song has been interpreted as his subliminal announcement and confirmation of his membership to the cult group; illuminate.

Considering the music entertainment industry which is equipped with brainstorming talent to create stunt in order to sell records, artists love cause controversies around their art.

Agurably, Stonebown claims to be the ultimate best of Dancehall artistes in Ghana and if we are to go on the lame understanding of his cover art of his upcoming song, it’s just a confirmation of his GOAT acclamation of his Kingship in the Dancehall genre in Ghana Music Industry.

GOAT has been incorporated in our modern era as the acronym of Greatest of All Time.

However, the art form of this GOAT is said to be similar to an illuminate god in the the entertainment industry known as Baphomet; which is a conspiracy theory of the most powerful god artists worshiped for fame and riches in the music industry.

To hit the nail on the head, Stonebwoy is said to be a member of the illuminate and the reason is his cover art of his soon to be released song he shared on his social media platforms on Friday.

With no fact backing the global idea, the illuminate is said to be an elite satanic secret group of wealthy and talented members who cut across all disciplines of live, that means, their members are find in all sectors of every industry we know; from politics,  sports,  entertainment, to educators etc.

Famous artistes like Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyonce are allegedly said to be high ranking members of illuminate members in the music industry.

These opinions are merely backed by conspiracy theories that have not been proven by fact but the theorists only use same photos and music videos of these artistes to back their claims.

So, do you believe Stonebwoy is now a member of the satanic cult illuminate or his art photo is just a creative mind to affirm his Dancehall GOAT in Ghana or he’s just seeking for attention to sell his yet to be released song?