In the wake of events, one of the suspects alleged to be responsible for the death of King Zulu’s Son Prince Lethukuthula has confessed in an affidavit before the court.

Five suspects were arrested and presented before the court for the murder of Prince Lethukuthula a few weeks ago. All the suspects were reported to be ladies who steal from men through seductive means for a living. It was all silence in the courtroom when one of the suspects whispered “I am sorry” and later confessed in an affidavit presented before the court according to the Daily News. The affidavit read:

They’d normally go to a shebeen and wait for male persons,” said the affidavit.

They’d approach the victims and ask them to take them to their houses. The person having s.e.x with the victim would then spike the drink with eye-gene.

They’d then steal cash and appliances.

The lady later confessed they spiked the Prince’s drink together with the girl who had $ex with and waited for them to fall asleep before beginning to rob his house. From her confession it was clear they never planned to kill him but the Prince died in the course of his sleep.

According to reports the judge in the matter hasn’t given his or her verdict yet. Ghgossip is keeping a close eye on proceedings and will update it readers on the matter if possible.